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If you are interested in finding out more about your ancestors, there are active associations in both Eidskog and Kongsvinger municipality. Due to the fact that local history and genealogy are related, we have included both associations engaged in genealogy and with collection/preservation of historical data and places/objects.

Kongsvinger historielag http://www.kongsvingerhistorielag.no/

Here you can find a lot of information about Kongsvinger city and former Vinger municipality. They also have some genealogy.

  Austmarka Genealogy http://www.austmarkaslekt.no

Austmarka genealogy is a genealogy website focusing on two Austmarka families (Aaberg / Fallet). In addition you can find lot of information that can be handy when starting with genealogy, especially from Austmarka and about Finn families.

Austmarka historielag http://www.austmarkahistorielag.no

Have an office in Arstun, vis-à-vis Austmarka nursing-home and has 640 members (as of Dec., 2009). They publish four member-magazines per. year, publish an event calendar on their Website, arrange tours and market days, lectures, exhibits, demonstrations of crafts, fitness races, feasts and tours. The also manage the Austmarka Historical Folk Farm and does genealogy and church protocol documentation, marks up abandoned crofters and old trails and cleans up and maintains the ruins at the Bedafors/Sikåa area.

Eidskog Slektshistorielag http://www.eidskogslekt.no

Eidskog Genealogical Society, with new address from the 4th of August at Haugårdsvei 3  Skotterud, is an active organization with a fixed meeting day the first Monday of each month. The meetings are open to both members and non-members. There will always be people present at the meetings to help you get started and give you insight into the opportunities that exist. They have a well-stocked library with local history books and other materials that are useful when searching for their ancestors. Features include a searchable genealogical database of more than 60,000 names

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