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Jonas Lie (1833 – 1908)

Jonas Lie, born in Hokksund, Norwegian author. He attended Bergen Cathedral School and then Heltberg student factory, After his degree he settled as a lawyer in Kongsvinger and married in 1860 his cousin Henriette Thomasine Lie (1833-1907). Lie was one of the main men behind the bold timber speculations that played a large role in the rural communities in Solør and Østerdalen in the 1860s. He was also active as a journalist and writer, and gave out a  collection of poems in 1866. Shortly after that failed speculations bring him in deep debt, he had to close down his lawyer activities, and he moved to Oslo in the autumn of 1868 He decided now to live by his pen and pay his debts. So although not many of his works were published during his time at  Kongsvinger it can safely be said that what happened at Kongsvinger was important for his later career.

Erik Werenskiold (1855 – 1938)

Art draftsman, painter, graphic artist and art politician, parents: Captain, Commander and forest owner Fredrik Daniel Werenskiold (1800-1887) and Jensine Magdalene Ebeltoft (1815-1900). Married 9/5/1882 in Paris with painter Sophie Marie Stoltenberg Thomesen (7.10.1849-8.6.1926)

Erik Werenskiold is one of our most famous artists, especially beloved for his illustrations of Moe’s Norwegian folk tales and the Viking sagas of Snorri. He led with Frits Thaulow and Christian Krogh the artists struggle for professional autonomy in the 1880s, which led to the establishment of the State’s annual art exhibition (Autumn Exhibition) in 1884 and improved conditions for Norwegian artists.

His work both as a painter and art politician makes him perhaps the most significant art personality in his own time and for all time. Although most of his artistic expression occurred after he had moved from Kongsvinger is without any doubt certain that his childhood in Granli Farm and Kongsvinger fortress has had great influence on his art and political work.

Levi Henriksen (1964 -)

Born in Kongsvinger municipality, lived for a long in the red house in the woods, now he lives closer to the center, facing Glomma.

Wife, two children

Having two cars: a Japanese and an American truck with matt lacquer blown by prairie dust.

Has published 17 books

Designated band

One of the country’s three fastest writers when it comes to writing by the touch method.

Levi Henriksen is a Norwegian author, journalist and musician In addition to a collection of essays, he has published collections of short stories and a book by Gyldendal publishing, anthologies and other books on his own imprint, Magerdal publishers. Henriksen is known to add the action in his short stories and novels to the fictional village Skogli, where he portrays the residents of good and evil. In reality, this is the little village Granli, a few miles outside the city Kongsvinger in Hedmark county, where Levi has lived most of his life.


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