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By og Bygdelags Forbundet

BY og Bygdelag Forbundet (BBF) was founded in 1938 and is an umbrella organization for several bygdelag. The majority of member teams have their origin from municipalities in eastern and northern Norway. The board of BBF manages the organizations house in Benneche Gate and the their funds

BBF own website www.bblag.no

Beyond BBF will be appropriate to mention teams from our region in this context.


Solørlaget in Oslo was founded 13 December 1896. The purpose was to collect Solungs (common name for people living in the municipalities Brandval, Grue, Hof,  Aasnes and Valer)  in the capital of comradely interaction, thereby strengthening the cohesion among them. And to keep contact with the origin municipalities Brandval, Grue, Hof, Åsnes and Valer.

We have previously been an active team, we participated in sports (skiing, football and baseball), we had a theater group, an elderly group (those over 32år) and special group for kids .

Today we consist only of one group with 129 members as of. 31.12.2012.

Solørlaget in Oslo is still working actively to collect Solungs in social contexts such as Christmas, spring, and autumn party, trips to the mountains and sea, theater and opera performances. Similarly, we have given our members the opportunity to participate in events where they can learn more about Oslo, such as walks along Aker and Alna river.


Contact Grethe Hammer e-mail: sten.hammer@getmail.no


Odalslaget was founded 5 years prior to Vingerlaget. Members come mainly from North and South Odal.

Contact Svein Kristoffersen e-mail: odalslaget@hotmail.com

Vestmarka info

Vestmarka a local center along Highway 21 has its own website www.vestmarka.info   managed by Vestmarka Grendeutvikling.

This page contains a lot of useful information from the local community and is worth a visit

Eidskog Museum

Eidskog Museum has its own website with descriptions and activity list http://eidskogmuseum.no/ . The major museums are also described under Eidskog -> attractions

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