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Welcome to “Vingerlaget”s website.

The website is an effort to revitalize and bring “Vingerlaget”s traditional membership- newspaper further. The digital community has come to stay, to the extent  the traditional news channel NRK refers viewers to their website for additional information for more than half of their news headlines.

We want this website to provide information about “Vingerlaget” and its home municipalities. Bygdelag (A bygdelag is an association of people moved to a metropolis from the same district or area) work are often based on tradition and where you come from, we have therefor tried to gather some information from the home district that may be of general interest.

An important part of the homepage will be the activity calendar where we in addition to our events will try to post activities from our home-district municipalities and collaboration associations which we think may be of interest to our members.

We will also have a blog with reports from events and articles that may be of general interest to the members/readers.

Because the digital society reaches out to many more people than those who speak Norwegian we have translated some of the basic articles into English.


“Vingerlaget” of Oslo was founded 28 March 1931 and is a member of the umbrella organization “By og Bygdelags” association.

“Vingerlaget” to be neutral in party politics.

Membership of  ”Vingerlaget” means that you receive mail or e-mail with invitations to the various events. Members participate in “Vingerlagets” events at a reduced price.

“Vingerlagets” primary mission is to create an environment in the city so that members feel togetherness and get to know each other, foster relations between town and country,  promote interest in rural culture in the city and serve as a link between city and country for the benefit of its members.

Activities today include traditional feasts as “Lefsekveld”  and other  feasts.” Vingerlaget” also organizes public tours of the capital’s various attractions. We also for several seasons of organized courses in Line Dance.

It is approx. 100 registered members in  ”Vingerlaget”. You are most welcome as a member. Please contact us for more information.

The different events:

“Lefsekveld” – the most important first. Besides anniversary feasts that we have every 5 years, this is the arrangement that gathered most members.

The “Lefsekveld”   menu contains “syltelabber”(boiled pig trotters), “sylte”(special Christmas topping made of pig meat), Christmas sausage(special sausage made of pig meat) and “medisterkaker”(special meatballs made of pig meat). The menu has with a few variations been the same since the late 40th.  The “Lefsekveld”   is held late November just before Christmas and are also named as “Julebord”

February Feast – Is arranged for those who want to get in party mode after Christmas.

There are simple serving as casserole, pea’s soup or cheese and crackers. Dancing afterwards is it anyway

Spring Feast/Annual Feast – This party is the last before the summer and concludes in a manner the season. Since it held at the time of the year that “Vingerlaget” was founded, it is upgraded every 5 year to Anniversary Feast.

Then comes summer and the first event in the fall are:

Week-End trip – We reserve a certain number of rooms at a mountain hotel within reasonable distance. A place with good food and live music on Friday and Saturday. In addition to dancing and good food, we shared hiking and nature trail with prizes for everyone.

After the trip to the mountains it is on  again with “Lefsekveld”

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