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«Vingerlaget» was founded 28 March 1931.  Osmund Pram(who took the initiative), Anna Lindberg, Conrad Skarnes, Reidar Thygesen and Harald Eriksen formed a welcoming committee. They rented the ballroom at Møller Gata 16 the 28th March 1931, and invited people, from Vinger, Kongsvinger and Eidskog, to attend.  60-70 interested people attended, and the foundation of the «Vingerlaget» was born.

«Vingerlaget» has worked all these years and to the best ability sought to fulfill its mission: to be gathering our immigrants in Oslo under the slogan:

“Home town memories together binds us”

«Vingerlaget»’s operations have historically varied, depending on the interests of its members and enthusiasts who have given a little extra to create content in the activities. Activities that have characterized «Vingerlaget»:

  • «Vingerlaget»’s dramatic group was founded in 1932. It had several productions and worked until 1976.
  • Sports –  «Vingerlaget» was active in several sports and has been particularly noted in cross-country skiing, shooting, handball and football. Activities held in the late 80’s.
  • «Vingerlaget»’s  newspaper’s – “Trekløver’n”, “Vestavind” and ” Vingerlagsnytt” – this is the name of the «Vingerlaget»’s newspapers. «Vingerlaget» started early with newspapers , and kept on more or less uninterrupted  until the early 1980’s. «Vingerlaget»’s newspapers were at their best a useful link between the «Vingerlaget» and their members and that times it was also the forum for information exchanges and discussions.
  • “Vingerlagshytta” A recreation cottage situated in “Baerums marka” just outside Oslo, is one of the activities that have meant most to the «Vingerlaget» through the ages. Planning, procurement, construction, maintenance and use activated members in more than 60 years and it still have, after it was sold, a positive impact in that the capital from the sale ensures  «Vingerlaget»’s operations.
  • During the war «Vingerlaget» was inactive for three years, however  after the liberation we were one of the first teams that worked again. Already 30 May 1945, was the first board meeting held. During autumn and spring it was a significant increase in number of members who met frequently up and supported  «Vingerlaget».
  • Women’s Group was established 10 april 1951 and Aslaug Reum was the leader of the first year. The main objective was to provide equipment and funding for “Vingerlagshytta”. The group held 17 May-parties for members and Christmas parties for the children. They had home meetings where homework skills were well utilized, generating revenue in the form of raffles. From the beginning until the cabin was finished, they assembled a handsome sum of money, and a significant pile of equipment well needed before the opening of “Vingerlagshytta” in 1957 . The Women’s Group continued until the early 1970’s.
  • For a  long period “Vingerlaget” performed wreath laying ceremony, every 17 May, at Colonel Georg Stang burial at Our Savior Cemetery
  • From 1974 to 1976, gathered a group «Vingerlag» members expressions from Eidskog. A total of 892 recorded word was delivered to Dialect Archive. Øyvind Vestheim contact with the Dialect Archive ledto that  a team from the NorwegianFolkMuseum filmed growing and processing flax in Harstad Sætra on Vestmarka in Eidskog.
  • Besides the sitting boards over the years, there is another body that has been of great importance to team work. At the annual meeting in 1936 it was decided to establish a supervisory board – the Council – which would be selected among the oldest and most active. They should take decisions on important matters layer, grants and options on committees.
  • Socializing has been a recurring theme in «Vingerlaget»’s operations, festive events with food and dance music has been on the agenda from day one. The most traditional event is «Vingerlaget»’s Christmas party “Lefsekvelden” where the menu with little change has been the same since the 1940’s.
  • «Vingerlaget» has been member of By og Bygdelags Forbundet (BBF) since its foundation in 1938. BBF umbrella organization for several “Bygdelag” in Oslo.


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