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Hans Børli (1918-1989)

Hans Børli lived all his life in Eidskog, the southernmost municipality in Hedmark county. Under small conditions he grew up in a finnish settlement at “Fjellskogen”. He had an early love of books and excelled in school.

Unlike Lie and Werenskiold, Børli did not get  any formal education. One can safely say that he was self-taught and his poems and books were his exam and he stood to extremely well,

Børlis literary works spanning the period 1933 to 1988, from his debut in Kongsvinger Arbeiderblad with school style “In snowstorms and cold” to his recent retrospective work, “With ax and lyre.” In total there are 21 collections of poetry and six books of prose. A collection of poems, a diary of aphorisms / essays and a novel published postmortem. Hans Børli  wrote a couple of easy plays and contributed to stories, poems and short stories in several newspapers and magazines. Besides, he was a prolific letter writer.

Hans Børli is translated into several languages and has received numerous literary awards. In 2005 was the book “We Own the Forests,” published by Norvik Press in GB, translated by Louis Muinzer. The book includes 60 selected poems, presented in parallel in Norwegian and English – aimed at the British and American markets.


Per Oddvar Løken (1918-86)

The grocery merchant Per Oddvar Løken is probably the person in modern times who have made the Magnor name mostly known. When trade restrictions were gradually removed after the war, he started a flourishing trade with the Swedes. It was, first and foremost, margarine and sugar which was cheaper in Norway, and Løken got soon the nicknamed “margarine king”. He also ran a popular nightspot at the border, G-tavern.

Along with “SkrotKalle” (Karl Adolfsson) from Eda, a famous businessman from the neighboring community on the other side of the border, he bought in the early 1970s Magnor Glassworks, who was in financial difficulties, and provided for further operations. It is now a thriving business with new owners who have continued in Per Løken spirit.

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